Our only belonging

Time. If you think about it, everything else is just a means to spend time better. Money, furniture, house, car, family – everything else is just our way to make the spent time more meaningful and memorable – so that when we think back we don’t draw a blank. And it is the single object that ebbs away whether you want to or not – cruel, constant, relentless. As I am writing it and you are reading – the seconds tick off silently.


And what can be said about it that hasn’t been said before. Neither will I spend more time repeating it. Except for one fundamental fact that I realize slowly – if there is anything more important than time at all, it is its goals – long term and short term. Both are important and sadly we seem to be incapable of working to achieve both. In our dreams of achieving those huge lifetime projects, we make the rest of our lives a dull drudgery. And people who solely devote themselves to the present don’t have – well they don’t get much of a future.

And although each can spend their lifetime in their own way, the only things worth doing are those that keep reminding us how short life is.


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  1. Reply Lulu May 11,2015 9:50 pm

    I really connect with this piece, thank you

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