There’s no place like home

There really is no place like home. If there is one for you, you need to run away from there – run fast and run far.

Home has a concept has always troubled me. Comfort, security, peace, stability, the contentment in vaguely knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow, people around you are the same folks you have known all your life, you have a routine life, you have the same or similar breakfast and lunch and dinner everyday.



Home is the stagnant pond which we mistake as the universe and settle down and live our whole lives within. Lets look at it in a different light:

  1. Comfort is nothing but an innate undesirable laziness that keeps us from waking up in the morning unless we have to.
  2. Security is another way to look at fear of the unknown – jumping into a lion pit is madness, not travelling to an unknown city is cowardice.
  3. Peace is a love of the inertia of nothingness – its tempting but in essence its an euphemism for vacuum.
  4. If you know tomorrow is going to be like today, why do you really look forward to it? Life is not supposed to be a collage of meaningless sunrises and sunsets and changing seasons and people growing up and dying over the years. It should be procession of unfulfilled death wishes where every day teaches you a bit more about the world and yourself.
  5. Being around known people is confining yourself to a tiny tiny tiny…an infinitely tiny fraction of the vast array of humanity where you can learn something new from each person. Its like being in a never ending buffet big enough to fill 10 foot ball stadiums and yet you reach for the dishes closest to your seat for all your life. Sad!
  6. Clocks have routine, planets have routine, seasons have routine – life did not evolve all the way so that we can imitate rocks and pebbles and other lifeless objects.
  7. Eating the same food almost every day – besides an extremely frail digestive system, there can be no excuse for such self inflicted monotony.

Yet this insipid gruel has been fed to us since infancy that we cling to it all our lives. We consider “settling down” at the final aim and high point of our existence. We willingly bind ourselves to archaic customs and throw away the promise of a more fulfilling life. I have always liked the lines from Ulysses

“I am a part of all that I have met;

Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’

Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades

For ever and forever when I move.

How dull it is to pause, to make an end,

To rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use!”
Home at best should be an infirmary, a hospital where we go to lie down for few days when we are ill and tired. At worst  it is a bottomless pit which we dig for ourselves and dig it deeper every passing day.

Or maybe our life is but a constant search for a truer home and if you have found one, you have missed the point of the journey.


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