The Titanic And A Long Island Ice Tea

I love sipping a long island – it’s strong, refreshing and smooth. But that cocktail doesn’t make sense to me. There is no reason I should like it. I should find Titanic melodramatic and cliched and hate it. But I love both.

Long Island Iced Tea 2

For those unfamiliar with the cocktail or how it is made, its equal parts of Vodka, Gin,  Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec ,Sour Mix with a splash of Cola. Its primarily clear liquors which have not gone through much aging, they don’t have much smell or taste or character unto them. There is not much point in going for the very top self brands(like in this picture) since there is so much of mixing going on. The final product has very high alcohol percentage. Just by reading it all, one would think it would taste like cheap acid and yet its one of the most tastiest and reliable(since really where can you go wrong) cocktails you can order at the bar and not seem like a prick. I love it.

Titanic as a movie in an ensemble of a huge huge crowd of whom hardly you remember anything more than some faces. It looks good since they spent a hell lot of money on the photography – really a tenth of the movie can be and probably used as desktop wall papers. Very insipid and forgetful dialogue of which only two stands out – “I am the king of the world” & “You jump, I jump” – both the lines  tacky beyond measure. Extremely long with a quarter  of the movie about rich dull aristocrats waving and grinning to one another. And a story which is the definition of random – well it focuses on two people (and more than 1500 died that night). Seems like a glossy romantic cheesy novel or movie meant for teenage girls. But I love it too.

Makes me think about some of the rare things and moments in life when you end up doing something you don’t think you would ever titanic-storyhave. Small imperfections that balance out each other to  create perfection – such a harmonious result that you can’t even put your finger on why you like it. You just do. And that’s why it can’t be replicated or even imitated.

Titanic for me was the first Hollywood drama I ever liked – pulled me out of the radioactive mire of sci-fi movies like Jurassic Park & Anaconda. It showed me there were a better class of art and of life, made me realize the frailty of life and beauty. One of the scenes still haunt me today – where there are almost a thousand lifeless bodies floating in the ice cold water and the rescue team is prodding them in the hope of a finding a single person alive but there are none. I just felt like a story about 2 people could make such a grand movie – and there were so many dead all around. How many untold stories die each day – unknown. Growing up in a very small town in India it showed me the grand opulence of the caviar eating, cigar smoking upper class and the lively boisterousness of the beer chugging, tap dancing Irish party in the third class. I didn’t know which life was more livable – I still don’t. Even today depending on where and with whom I am, I keep changing myself into those people. Makes me a snotty, spontaneous, elitist boor.

Long Island was maybe the first cocktail I had ever besides the generic screwdriver. And I was hesitant to have it because of the amount of booze it contained. I didn’t know if I would be in my sense. But I had more than one of those that night and in a slightly tipsy, foggy moment of clarity I just knew I would love alcohol at a level more than getting drunk. I loved it’s complexity and the way tastes blended and mixed creating new ones. Almost like a painting. I also knew probably I would not get drunk easily – and over the years I never have.

Since then, I have seen far greater and better movies. And had far better cocktails to drink and food to eat. I have been lucky enough to see a better and more varied life than many.

And I realize every decision we make boils down eventually to we choose – do we go with what the heart wants or with what the brain thinks. I have sided with the rational brain most of the time. And yet when I get a bit wet eyed watching Titanic and become critical and doubt if it really is, that great a movie –  I realize it doesn’t matter. The irrational heart has already won this round.


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