Hangover Cures

Searching for hangover cures? Here is a familiar Saturday – you spend the day, curled up in your bed, clutching your throbbing head, shutting your ears and blinking through almost closed eyes. Yes the dreaded hangover – God’s and your body’s way of making you pay for your fun the night before.

Hangover Cures

This weekend was extremely terrible though – I don’t drink much these days or often but still when I am in my spirits, I can put alcoholics to shame. And yet somehow the 30 odd different tasty spirits that went down my throat on Friday the 13th, made a frightening cocktail that put me in bed for 2 days. Depending on when they knew me, different people may have different reactions to that last line.

Anyway, as I was writhing about in pain and discomfort and throwing up on an empty stomach, I decided to find solace in other’s stories of hangovers. And if any had any magical hangover cures. Here is a compilation. You can find anything on the net.

So here it goes

  1. Hair of the dog solutions – I like the phrase and I use it in a broader context sometimes. The saying originated in the belief that a cure for hydrophobia (rabies) or any disease contracted from a dog bite consisted of taking a hair of the dog that bit you and placing it in the wound. For a hangover it means taking some form of alcohol to cure the hangover. Never works for me – I feel like puking at the sight of the alcohol. But here are some of the solutions:
    • Bloody Mary – Vodka, Tomato Jucie, Celery Salt & Tabasco Sauce – a very nice cocktail and don’t let tomato juice turn you back. I think of it as a spicy alcoholic soup but too much work when you are hungover. Maybe a premix from the grocery can help. I didn’t try.
    • Some form of Guinness or any dark beer.
    • Some kind of bitter mint based liquor – creme de menthe, frenet branca – I love ice-cold frenet,  maybe I will try this on my next ordeal.
  2. Soda – My usual go to solution. The carbonation helps with the empty stomach and makes you feel more relived after a couple of satisfying, nasty burps. Any lime or cola or root beer would do. The calories also probably help the weak body.
  3. Greasy Food – Greasy food protects the stomach against the onslaught of alcohol. If you can, have some on the night along with the drinking. You may prevent a hangover altogether. A big burger with bacon would be ideal if you can make yourself go to the nearest burger joint. Pizza works wonders too.
  4. WATER – In caps since that is the best solution. Being hungover is essentially being dehydrated and water takes care of that. Even better – if you have access to coconut water or some Gatorade in the fridge.
  5. Whey Protein – This has some very ridiculously high rate of absorption and  the thick shake helps to settle the stomach. And a weak body always can use some protein. Plain chocolate milkshakes also help.
  6. Antacids – Alcohol is an acid. An empty stomach is filled with acidic bile all of which are the causes behind that headache. Your body is going acidic. Try to remember titration experiments from high school and take some alkaline antacids. Not rapid relief but it will work its magic if you allow it to.
  7. None of these worked for me this time and I was throwing up all day. My throat was scratchy and sore and I took some cough syrup for it and that helped and I slept like a baby. When I woke up, it was gone. So new discovery – take something that helps you or makes you sleep. Rest is all you need, when nothing else works.

Now that it is past, you are probably hungry enough to eat a pig ( or chew down a forest if you are vegan). This would be a good time to order that big pizza and the big soda. I try to listen to sanity and not to booze right after recovering from a hangover!!


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