See A Little Of A Lot Or A Lot Of A Little

I think the dreams of every single person can be put either here or there. Whatever it is that we want, will never be ours wholly. Some believe that you can dig deeper into your interests and job and life and place and get more out of it. Stay away from the temptations and dangers of the unknown. Others feel the constant anxiety to jump on to the next thing, the next interest, the next town in search of whatever it is they are missing in their lives.

People will say the ideal is the middle path – the balanced one. But if you don’t know how deep the hole can go or how wide the field is – how do you know what is the “middle” ?


My interests in life make me painfully aware of this paradox every single day of my life. I love to travel and see everything that there is to see. What a meaningless word in this context – “everything” !! And yet everyone uses it.

I prefer a little of a lot – I prefer zooming past cities and hills and canyons and cafes. Sure every city may have a 1000 people who can change your life in a moment. Sure I can spend a whole day looking at a canyon from sunrise to sundown at the tapestry of glittering colors of the rocks and of water. Sure I can lazily lie down on the grass in the meadows and look at the stars all night. BUT – but for me the splinter in my head would be what if the next city was more colorful or the chasm of the next canyon deeper.

Travel makes your life go tangentially – you don’t know what the next person or event or sight will make you feel or think. Life within the confines of your home is a predictable mishmash of your routines. Life on the road is the road itself. Every turn has the promise of a new beginning and you keep going in the search of new turns. You can not stop on the road – neither in life.


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